Products warranty

Our main concern is the satisfaction of our customers.

Believe it or not, in many years of development of our business, not one single time we had some problem with some buyer from abroad, regarding an instrument, or some other item.

We always send, the best possible we have, so complaints, on items we send are practicaly non existing.

In Serbia, in the past, we had some occasions that people think that frula that they purchased is too small or too big for them, or to say, tonality that they have chosen to buy is too high or to low fro them, so they wanted to change it. Since we are located in Serbia, this is easily possible, and not so costly, and we changed these frulas to the customers in order that we have 100% satisfied customers. This happens on 100 sold frulas maby once or twice, so we agree with it, since it is not so often.

In other words, we have only satisfied customers, and on the other side if, by any chance you somehow will not be satisfied with the product you bought from us, please inform us immidiately, and we will refund you the payed sum, after we receive the product back, because we want first of all that our buyers are satisfied, and also the best marketing for someones business is satisfied buyer and not dissatisfied one :o). Of course.


Team of the Project Frula.Info





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