PAY from Abroad


From 1st August, we have the account in Austrian Raiffeisen Bank. The data of the account on which is to be payed for ordered products is:

Name of the account owner:  Dragan Jovanovic

IBAN:  AT56 3200 0000 1198 0612


NOTICE: Generaly these datas, namely Name and Surname or the receiver of the payment, then his account IBAN, and BIC, are sufficient in order to make the payment.

Still, some banks, especialy outside Europe, from America, or Australia, need some more details, like the adress of the receiver, as well ass the adress of the Bank where the money is to be sent. Here are these detailed datas:

Receiving Customer:

Name:                    Dragan
Surname:               Jovanovic
Street Address:      Micurinova 46
City:                      Novi Sad
Postal code:           21000
Country:                 SERBIA

IBAN - Account No:     AT56 3200 0000 1198 0612

Receiving Bank:
Name of the bank:  Raiffeisenlandesbank Niederosterreich-Wien

Address:               Mariahilfer Straße 88a
City:                     Wien (Vienna)
Postal code:          1070
Country:                AUSTRIA
Swift Code:     RLNWATWW

Notify us about your payment as soon as you make it, so that we can send you the ordered goods as soon as possible.

2.) If someone wants to pay via WESTERN UNION:

In Serbia we are sending the products by system "cash on delivery", and our buyers from countries abroad, are able to receive the ordered products after they pay for them by Western Union. 
We do not have PayPall here in Serbia.
The complete amount to be payed is consisting of the payment for the products, plus the postal expences. For you, just to have an idea, postal expences for smaller products are aproximately 10,- euros, and for heavy items, or very big parcels, up to 30,- euros.
Name to make payment for is Dragan Jovanović.
Complete data for payment are:
Name: D R A G A N
Surname: J O V A N O V I C
Adress: Micurinova street no.46
City: Novi Sad
Postal code: 21000 
Country: S E R B I A
After your payment you will send us an e-mail with your data, and MTCN, money transfer control number, so that we can withdraw the money.


Precisely the data that we need are:


1.) Name and surname of the person that made the payment

2.) Where the payment is done - city and country

3.) Exact amount that was paid

4.) Ten digit MTCN number (Money Transfer Control Number)


In the same e-mail you should write us precisely the adress where you would like that the products are delivered to you.

Also, write down your telephone number, just in case, so that we can write it on the parcel as well.


After sending you the parcel, we will inform you of the number of the postal code of the parcel so that you can track it on the internet, while it is on its way to its destination.


For any other questions, please contact us.

Best regards,
Dragan Jovanovic
B.Sc. media manager
Vase Pelagica 3/9
21000 Novi Sad

Mobile: + 381 64 146 46 36
Phone: + 381 21 651 83 01